Web metrics, web traffic measurement, web stats, web counting - whatever you call it, it is the most important tool for the web site owner and should be consulted frequently. There is so much information about your business contained within the usual set of things the system counts, you would be making a serious mistake by not being familiar with these. They are very easy to access and are always up-to-the-minute.

Web Metrics Explained: Website Visitor and Traffic Analysis

Web Metrics Intro:

The main tool for establishing baseline information which can then lead to measurable improvements is the web metrics or analytics system. The most popular of these tools are Hitslink, WebTrends and Urchin, (now called Google Analytics). These tools provide invaluable assistance for delivering new paying customers, new prospects and leads, and new sign-ups for the permission based email house list. They also demonstrate all web sites and search engines which have delivered viewers, as well as the search terms which have been used. These tools simply parse the server logs into meaningful web traffic patterns.


Example of Weekly Traffic Summary for http://the-alamo-san-antonio.com

web traffic screen

For the same website: Example of Recent Visitors List, including location of visitor, search engine used to
find the site, and search term used in that search engine.

log of individual web site visitors


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Here Are Some Free Counting and Statistics Systems


Visitors to the same web site by country.

understanding web metrics

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