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"Your web site is just a few tweaks aways from being a new customer dynamo. "




The underlying theme of this website:
"SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING Is The Best Advertising Money Can Buy."

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Google Adwords Overview

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Automotive: Connect with millions of automotive shoppers, while maximizing your marketing budget. Real Estate: Millions of real estate searches happen on Google every day; connect with buyers and sellers searching for homes in your neighborhood.
Business and Industrial Markets: Connect with buyers and executives at the moment they're ready to buy. Retail:Put your message in front of millions of retail consumers just when they're searching for your products.
Consumer Packaged Goods: Target and reach millions of online consumers at the moment they're seeking information about consumer packaged goods. Tech BtoB: From developers to CXOs, reach more technology BtoB buyers with Google than with any other search engine.
Entertainment: Google's tremendous reach helps you find the consumers who buy products and tie-ins for every possible entertainment property. Technology Commerce: Reach millions of consumers and small businesses as they search online for your technology products.
Financial Services: Millions of financial product searches happen online every day. Are you getting your share of the action? Telecom: Connect with consumers and small businesses as they search online for your telecommunication services and products.
Gaming: Reach millions of hungry gamers searching Google for the latest games and information. Travel: Leverage Google as an online distribution channel to sell directly to travel consumers.
Healthcare: Target the doctors, therapists and consumers who are looking for information online, and join in the doctor-patient dialogue.

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"We use Google Sitemaps to inform Google's
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  1. NO TECHNICAL OPTIMIZATION - It would seem your web site deserves its "fair share" of internet traffic and visitors based on its subject matter, but unless the individual pages have been "optimized" in a technical and proscribed way, the pages will not rank near the top of search engine results, even for the words, phrases and subjects for which they are clearly relevant and for which they should be entitled to rank well;
  2. NOT SUBMITTED - The pages haven't been fed to the "crawlers," which inform the search engines.
  3. NOT ENHANCING WITH SPONSORED SEARCH - Additionally, you are not using the targeted results of pay per click advertising, like Google Adwords. 

We correct these oversights quickly and head you on the road to complete and effective use of optimization, online advertising and search engine marketing, producing targeted traffic, hot prospects and sales.
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Just What is Search
Engine Marketing?

"Search Engine Marketing is the art and science of increasing a website's visibility in search engines for a targeted list of keywords and phrases through a combination of paid search advertising and organic search engine optimization. SEO done well is arguably the most important  marketing methodology which can be applied to a website".

Jack Landman
Jman5 Website Services

"I like the term.. ("search engine marketing") ...because I feel it encompasses many things: optimizing for crawlers, managing paid listings, submitting to directories -- you name it. All of these activities are marketing on search engines."

Danny Sullivan

"Search engine optimization (SEO) may best be described as the art and science of optimizing your website hosting, design, content and promotion, with the goal of increasing the number of visitors to your site by placing higher on search engines.For companies looking to conduct business online, generate leads and/or establish an online presence, SEO is paramount. SEO is the perfect way to drive qualified customers directly to a website via search engines and directories"

Bruce Clay
Bruce Clay SEO

SEO Code of Ethics




  1. In many, if not most cases, an equal portion of the web building and development budget should go to search engine optimization and placement, and wider search engine marketing.

  2. The first thing needed to start a successful website is a reliable, real-time, easy-to-use and easy to access visitor traffic and measurement system. 

  3. Even the smallest project can afford simple, informal, web usability testing to prove out "ease of use".  Larger projects should make formal web usability testing a certainty.

  4. A successful and effective search engine positioning campaign puts together "natural", (also called "organic"), search engines and pay-per-click, like Google Adwords, search engine advertising.

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